1. Every Child should wear a clean Uniform daily.
  2. Deep Sky Blue, Black Pant (for Boys) Black Tunic (For Girls) Black Socks, and Black Shoes. On Tuesday & Saturday: White Shirt, White Pant (For Boys) White Tunic (For Girls), White Socks, and White Canvas Shoes.
  3. For Winter: Deep Blue Blazer
  4. Hair Should be neatly plaited or tied. The ribbon should be Black, Long Hair should not be loose.
  5. Nails & Hair must be cut short.
  6. No Gold, Silver or any kind of trinket to be worn in School.


Apart from Play School, Admission to all classes will be based on the performance in the Admission Test.

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  1. Parents & Guardians are requested to cooperate with the School Authorities and see that their wards are diligent with their Homework and Lessons.
  2. Parents should not interview the teachers within the School premises without the Director/ Principal’s permission.
  3. English being the medium of instruction, Students will be expected to speak in English.
  4. Regular & Punctual attendance is insisted upon for every student, parents / Guardians are expected to write a brief leave note in the Note pages.
  5. Parents should note that Dry foods are to be given to the children, avoiding Fast-Food.
  6. The final decision regarding any issues will be taken by the Principal / Director of the School.
  7. School Authority will not be responsible for the Child staying beyond school hours. Parents should be penalized ₹50.00 if the child stays more than 30 min. beyond school hours.

Disciplinary Instruction (s):

Everyone is required to maintain a high standard of discipline. No one should compromise in this respect. It is our exception that everyone will follow the given guidelines, and instructions, in this school calendar for its smooth running,

  1. Since English is the medium of the institution, so children must practice and even make it a habit to speak English always.
  2. Parents are requested to encourage their children to speak in English at home, outside, and in school.
  3. Everyone must make it a habit to be punctual.
  4. Children must protect School Property.
  5. Any damage made will have to be replaced by the student concerned.
  6. Before coming to school children must have a bath, and wear clean uniforms and polished shoes. Children must avoid using fancy hairbands, earrings, bangles, etc., or any fancy pens or other costly articles are not allowed.
  7. Expensive Jewellery should not be worn.
  8. Misconduct by any child such as:
  • Telling serious lies,
  • Bringing false allegations against students,
  • Being Rude,
  • Bad Behavior,
  • Stealing articles,
  • Using slag languages,
  • Spading false rumors,
  •  All practices during examinations,
  • Damaging school property, as well as class mates belongings, will be brought to the notice of the parents for their co-operation & Reimbursement failing which the school authorities will take necessary disciplinary action which will be final.

Academic Rules:

  1. Adequate time should be kept on studies at home. Study hours must be observed seriously, Students should strive to build a healthy and studious environment at home and in school. Regular Study and a love for study must be developed.
  2. A healthy relationship should be built between Students & Teachers.
  3. Check the Homework & Classwork regularly.
  4. Try to rectify your weak points.
  5. Do not pretend to be serious with your studies.
  6. Don’t keep any work pending.
  7. Students should feel free to discuss their problems with the Principal, & Teachers.
  8. A sense of healthy competition should be developed among the students. Every student should believe that “I can”.

Guidelines For The Students:

  • Behavior in a co-operative and friendly manner.
  • Silence should be maintained during class hours.
  • For any clarification you should see your Class Teacher through Teacher-in-Charge.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your belongings. Your name should be clearly written on each article.

Guidelines For The Parents:

  • Please see that your child attends school regularly and on time.
  • See that your child does the class work and Home work regularly.
  • It is important that you spend some time with your child daily (Mother & Father both are equally responsible for the growth of their child.
  • Keep in contact with school office regarding your child’s progress.
  • Pay attention to the comments written by the teacher in the class work & Home work books/ Copies.
  • Unless it is important or urgent, don’t allow your child to stay away from school.
  • Fix your family programs (Tour, Marriage etc.) according to school calender.
  • Clear Your child’s fee regularly & on time by 10th of each month. Failing which a fine of ₹50.00 will be charged for each month.
  • Bring suggestions for the betterment of your child & School.
  • Parents are allowed to meet the teachers during the school hours.
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities.
  • To judge the progress and development of the student Unit Tests are conducted.
  • Please note unit test marks will be added to each Terminal Examination regularly.
  • There will be three terminal Examinations for the entire academic year.