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Class 1 study material part 3

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Watch the videos and answer the given questions

a. How many buttons are there in a mouse?
b.Which finger is used to press left mouse button?
c. Pressing the mouse button is called :
d.what moves on the screen when we move the mouse?

a.Name two animals that eat grass, leaves and weak stems.
b. Name two animals that eat flesh of the other animals.
c.where do they live?
Dog , Bird, lion, Rabbit, Cow, Horse.

1. Why do we need a house?
2.What are pucca ho uses made of?
3. What are kachcha houses made of?
4.Write four types of house?

Write their babies name
Dog, Cat, Lion, Goat, Hen, Horse, Cow, Sheep,

उ, ऊ, ऋ की मात्रा वाले 10 -10 शब्द लिखें

Subtraction on the number in line
1. 5 – 3
2. 6 – 2
3. 8 – 3
4.6 – 3
5.7 – 4