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Class 1 study materials part 7

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Watch the videos and answer the given questions ?

1.What is pronoun?
2. Fill in the blanks with correct pronouns.
a. _ am a boy.
b. _ is a man.
c. _ is a good girl.
d. _ is a ball.
e. _ are boys.
f. _ am waiting for the bus.
g. _ are my friend.
h. Pinky is a doctor. __ is very famous.

Answer the following question.
a. Why do we need air ?
b. Why do we need water?
c. Why do we need food?
d. What type of clothes do we wear in summer season?

Write the name of ten birds two times.

अं और चंद्र बिन्दु की मात्रा वाले 10-10 शब्द लिखें

Answer the following questions.
1.Which is the festival of light?
2.Which is the main festival of Muslims?
3.What do we apply on each other on Holi?
4. Who celebrate Guruparva?

Write the numbers 30 to 6o in words