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Class 2 study materials part 3

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Watch the videos and answer the given questions?

Q- Write the name of different parts of plant.
Q- What are spices?
Q- What gives us plants?
Q- How is wood used?
Q- Write three examples.
Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Spices, Oils and Medicinal plants.

Q- What gives us energy?
Q- Which is known as complete food?
Q- Name the foods that we get from plants.
Q- Name the foods that we get from animals.
Q- What is balanced diet?

23× 22=                    20×13=
14×13 =                    18×15=
20×10 =                    16×20 =
16×14 =                    15×22 =
15×20 =                    22×22 =
30×12 =                    17×13=

दिए गए शब्दों के दो-दो पर्यायवाची शब्द लिखें
गुरू, अग्नि,आँख,आकाश, ईश्वर, कमल, किनारा, गंगा, घर, घोड़ा , चंद्रमा, जंगल, तालाब, नदी, पानी, पृथ्वी, राजा, मित्र, सिंह, पहाड़, फूल, माँ, समुद्र, हाथी, अंधेरा, आनंद, अमृत, असुर, कपड़ा, कृपा, तलवार

Write opposite words of the following words:- Day, tall, big, hot, fast, up, full, stop, girl, many, front, open, hard, happy, serious, sleep, dry, left, in, laugh,far, even, give, hot, less, light, import, high, never, huge, late, normal, little

1) Define the terms:- Computer, Hardware, Software, Input devices, Output devices, processing data 2) Write 5 names of Hardware and software of computer. 3) Write 5 names of Input and Output devices of computer. 4) Write 5 names of Data storing devices of computer.