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Class 2 study materials part 7

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Watch the videos and answer the questions ?

English grammar. 1) What is formal letter writing? 2) How many types of formal letter writing? Write in detail. 3) Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to your birthday party.

मुहावरे के अर्थ लिखें|
1) अँगूठा दिखाना-
2) ऑखो का तारा-
3)छोटी मूँह बड़ी बात-
4) अक्ल मारी जाना-
5) अॉखे खुलना-
6)हक्का बक्का होना-
7)टस से मस न होना-
8) धूप में बाल सफेद न होना-
9) चोली दामन का साथ –
10) चादर के बाहर पैर पसारना –

1) What are recreational activities?
2) Which is the most popular game in India?
3) Name two animals you see in the zoo.
4) Write the name of ten-ten indoor and outdoor games.

1) How can we keep our body clean?
2) What keeps our mind and body healthy?
3) Why do we need rest?
4) Write five good habits.
5) What should we use to cover our mouth while sneezing?

483-122= 597-489=
564-328= 787-589=
678-239= 762-388=
537-129= 777-288=
467-238= 554-289=

1) Write the full forms. a.C.P.U. b. RAM. c. ROM. d. PC. e. MU. f. ALU. g. DVD. h. UPS. i.LCD j. ATM k. LED. l. ISO. m. E-mail. n. USB. o.CD. 2) Define the terms:- Icons, windows, cursor, enter key, UPS