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Class 3 study materials part 3

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Watch the videos and answer the given questions ?

1. Why do we need food ?
2. What are herbivores? Give three examples.
3. What are carnivores? Give three examples.
4. What are omnivores? Give three examples.
5. What is meant by chewing the cud?
6. What kind of teeth does herbivores have?

दिए गए शब्दों के तीन तीऩ पर्यायवाची शब्द लिखें
गुरू, अग्नि,आँख,आकाश, ईश्वर, कमल, किनारा, गंगा, घर, घोड़ा , चंद्रमा, जंगल, तालाब, नदी, पानी, पृथ्वी, राजा, मित्र, सिंह, पहाड़, फूल, माँ, समुद्र, हाथी, अंधेरा, आनंद, अमृत, असुर, कपड़ा, कृपा, तलवार

1) Define the terms and give two examples each of them:- Micro Computer , Mini Computer, Mainframe Computer, Super Computer. 2) Write the few place’s name where it is used. a) Super Computer. b) Mainframe Computer. c) Mini Computer. d) Micro Computer

Q- How many states and union territories in India.
Q- Write states of India and their capital cities.
Q- Write Union Territories of India.
Q- Who looks after the safety and welfare of the whole country?
Q- Which is known as the National Capital Territory?

write the singular and plural words given in the video