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Class 4 Assignment -1

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1. What is adaptation?
2. What are terrestrial plants? Give some examples.
3. What is the difference between floating plant and fixed plant?
4. Explain the different parts of leaves with the help of a diagram.
5. What is photosynthesis?
6. What are parasitic plants?
7. What are aquatic animals?
8. What is migration?
9. Explain the life cycle of butterfly with the help of a diagram.
10. What is balanced diet?
11. Why do we need food?
12. What are microbes? Write its type also.
13. Write some ways to protect teeth.
14. Write the name of digestive system organs.
15. Write some good eating habit.

1. Which is the highest mountain range in the world?
2. Write the ranges of Himalayas.
3. What do you mean by soil?
4. Write the name of three major rivers of the northern plains.
5. What is a river basin?
6. What is harvester?
7. What are coastal plains?
8. Write the name of three coast.
9. Write the name of five rivers of India.
10. In how many groups Indian soil is divided?
11. Write few lines about alluvial soil.
12. What is a forest?
13. What are the importance of forest?
14. What are evergreen forests?


1) Write the full forms:-. EVM, BHIM, IFSC, URL, PNR, GIF, EMI, GPS, LED,

2) How to create more effective presentation?

3) When you start power point it opens in the view is called?

4) Describe how to create a new folder.

5) Explain how to rename, copy, move and delete files and folders.


विशेषण किसे कहते हैं ? विशेषण के कितने भेद होते हैं? नाम लिखें|
गुणवाचक विशेषण किसे कहते हैं?

कारक किसे कहते हैं? कारक के कितने भेद होते हैं?
कारक के विभक्ति चिन्ह लिखें|

सर्वनाम किसे कहते हैं?सर्वनाम के कितने भेद होते हैं?


Define :–
1) Even number
2) Odd number
3) Prime number
4) Composite number
Write test of divisibilty :—
1) Divisibilty by 2
2) Divisibilty by 5
3) Divisibilty by 3
4) Divisibilty by 4
5) Divisibilty by 9

Find the HCF of the following by prime factorization:–
1) 18 and 12
2) 96 and 72
3) 45 and 10

Find the LCM of the following by prime factorization:–
1) 12 and 16
2) 36 ,64 and 80
3)16, 24 and 32
4) 8, 32 , 48 and 72

Write  and learn the multiplication tables 2 to 20