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Class 6 study materials part 5

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watch the videos and answer the questions

1) कारक की परिभाषा उदाहरण सहित दीजिए |
2) कारक के भेद व उनकी विभक्ति चिह्न लिखें|
3)करण कारक और आपादन कारक में अंतर लिखें|
4)दिए गए वाक्यों से कारक चिह्न छॉट कर उनके नाम लिखिए|
क) मोहन को सॉप ने काटा|
ख) स्वास्थ्य के लिए सूर्य नमस्कार करो|
ग) बच्चा छत पर से गिर गया |
घ) हे गोपाल! यहॉ आओ
ड़) जग में पानी रखा है |


1. Why should we sort materials?
2. What are transparent materials? Give example.
3. What are translucent materials?
4. What are opaque materials?
5. What is the difference between soluble and insoluble substances?

1) What is use of Microsoft word 2010? 2) What are the use of cut copy and paste in a document? 3) What are the differences between Redo and Undo commands? 4) How to adjust the page layout in a document? 5) How to open a saved document? Write in step by step. 6) How to add background color in a document? 7) How to adjust the distance between current paragraph and previous paragraph? 8) what is the use of number and bullets? 9) How to add picture in a document ? 10) How to create a table with design in a word document?

Write each of the following in words :
1) 14.83
2) 46.075
3) 67.83
4) 87.967
5) 186.209
Write each of the following decimals in expanded form:–
1) 68.83
2) 8.006
3) 24.675
4) 0.294
5) 47.98
Convert into like decimals:–
1) 7.5,65.23,0.074
2) 1.5,0.007,3.58,2.9

Write Past and Past Participles Forms of the Following words:-
Be, Have, Do, Say, Go, Get, Make, Know, Think, Take, See, Come, Want, Use, Find, Give, Tell, Work, Call, Try

Write a leave application for 5 days for attending brothers marriage