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Class 8 study materials part 3

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Watch the video and answer the following questions ?

1. What are synthetic fibers? Give their examples.
2. What are polymers and monomers?
3. How do we obtain rayon?
4. Write some characteristics of synthetic fibers.
5. Write some disadvantage of synthetic fibers.
6. What is thermoplastic?
7. What is thermosetting plastic?
8. Write some advantages and disadvantages of plastic.
9. What is 5-R principle?

दिए गए शब्दों के तीन तीऩ पर्यायवाची शब्द लिखें
गुरू, अग्नि,आँख,आकाश, ईश्वर, कमल, किनारा, गंगा, घर, घोड़ा , चंद्रमा, जंगल, तालाब, नदी, पानी, पृथ्वी, राजा, मित्र, सिंह, पहाड़, फूल, माँ, समुद्र, हाथी, अंधेरा, आनंद, अमृत, असुर, कपड़ा, कृपा, तलवार,तीर, दिन, दूध, देवता, सोना, बादल, स्वर्ग, शत्रु, स्त्री, साँप, सूर्य, रात, मछली

1) What is use of Microsoft office 2007? 2) How many types of MS Office 2007? 3) What is Microsoft Word? How to create a document in MS Word define with step by step. 4) What is use of Microsoft Excel? 5) What is Microsoft Power point ? How to create a presentation in MS PowerPoint?

Subtract: —
1) 5x from 2x
2) 5a+7b-2c from 3a-7b+4c
3) 10x from -7x
4) a-2b-3c from -2a+5b-4c

Simplify: —
1) a-(b-2a)
2) 4x-(3y-x+2z)
3) -2a+b+6d-5a-2b-3c
4)2x-[3y-{2x-(y-x) }]
5) a-[2b-{3a-(2b-3c) }]

Define and remember with examples:-
Common Noun
Proper Noun
Collective Noun
Material Noun
Abstract Noun