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Class 8 study materials part 7

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Watch the videos and answer the questions ?

Find the profit or loss precent in each of the following cases:–
1) CP= Rs 270,SP=Rs 300
2) SP= Rs 895, CP= Rs 818
3) CP= Rs 325, SP=Rs 275
4)SP=Rs1000, CP=Rs1080
5) CP=Rs 136, SP= Rs140
6) CP=Rs 248, SP= Rs 178
7) CP= Rs 150, SP=Rs 210
8) CP=Rs 84 , SP=Rs 75
9) CP= Rs 550, SP= Rs 850
10) SP= Rs 1200 , CP= Rs 1500
Priya sold a bucket for Rs 960. She had bought it for Rs 875. Find her profit or loss.

1. What is deforestation? Write its causes and effects.
2. What are the differences between wildlife sanctuary, national park and biosphere reserves?
3. What is biodiversity?
4. Explain the following terms –
A. Walnerable species
B. Endangered species
C. Critically Endangered species
D. Extinct species
E. Endemic species
5. What is food chain?
6. What is an ecosystem?

1) Write the full forms:-. AMD, BIOS, CSS, DDR, DNS, DVI, DPI, FAT, GPRS, GSM, GUI, HTML, ISO, LAN, MAN, MHz, MPEG, PCI, WAN, USB, VDU, VPN, WWW, RSS, PPP. 2) Define the terms:- Time bombs, crazy boot, keywords, field, Tag Attributes, queries, Empty tags, Dim, Container tags, form

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him / her on his Success in an exam

1)औपचारिक पत्र की परिभाषा दीजिए |
2) औपचारिक पत्र के प्रकार लिखें|
3) औपचारिक पत्र की तालिका सूचि लिखें|
4) बिजली की शिकायत हेतु बिजली विभाग को पत्र लिखें |