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Class 9 study materials part 3

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Watch the videos and answer the given questions

(1) Describe the rest and motion.
(2) what is Physical Quantities? Write their types with diagram.
(3) Write their define.
(a) Distance, (b) Displacement (c) Speed (d) Velocity (e) Acceleration
(4) Describe the ghraphical represention of Motion.
(5) Write equations of Motion by Graphical Method.

1)अलंकार किसे कहते है? इसके कितने भेद होते है? व्याख्या कीजिए।
2) अनुप्रास अलंकार तथा यमक अलंकार में क्या अन्तर है?
3) शब्दालंकार के कितने भेद होते है? व्याख्या उदाहरण सहित कीजिए।
4) अर्थालंकार के कितने भेद होते है? भेदो की व्याख्या उदाहरण सहित कीजिए।

1) In which quadrant or on which axis do each of the points(-2,4), (3,-1),(-4,0), (2,3)lie?
2) How will you describe the position of a table lamp on your study table to another person?
3)(-5,-4) lie in which quadrant?
4) Define all quadrant
5) (4,5), (-3,2),(-2,-3), (9,-6) lie on which quadrant. Show in graph.

Answer the following questions briefly.
1) Name the group of islands lying in the Arabian sea.
2) Name the countries which are larger than India.
3) Which island group of India lies to its south-east?
4) Which island countries are our southern neighbors?
5) The central location of India at the head of the Indian Ocean is considered of great significance. Why?