Digital Teaching System:

Classrooms with Audio-visual and Computer Equipment

These classrooms, also known as “smart classrooms” or classrooms with Integrated Teaching Systems (ITS), are equipped with AV and computer equipment to help you with audio-visual needs in your classes.

Digital classrooms make the teaching and learning experience simple and easy. Better assessment system, real-time paper evaluation, and abstract concepts made easy to understand.

Computer Lab:

Computer Education was made compulsory from class III to class X from July 2000, as per CBSE Guidelines.

At Vidya Sanskar, Munger a well-equipped computer laboratory with modern Computer systems with all the necessary software & apps required for Students available a Digital Teaching system using a Projector and Audio-visual system are established and all the facilities in the labs are available to students right from Class-I. Besides, the smart classes with audio-visual inputs are available right from play school onwards.


The Library’s mission is to make its resources available and helpful to the students and to sustain and preserve the collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.

Vidya Sanskar library houses resources that include books, bound volumes of journals, & soft copies. The library collection covers subjects like Architecture, Art, History, Science, Technology, Fiction Civilization, etc.

Sports & Play Ground:

Regular Health Checkup:


Getting students to school safely, on time and ready to learn.

Vidya Sanskar provides safe and reliable transportation to students across Munger & adjoining areas daily. With our expertise and Latest & best resources, you will no longer have to worry about safety, cost, customer service & finances. also an attendant is present to ensure the safety of your child throughout transportation.